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We offer transformative therapy and facilitation for individuals, relationships, communities, and teams. We embrace diversity in all its forms. We are sex positive and welcome all forms of conscious and consensual sexual expressions. We are welcoming of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and of traditional as well as alternative relationship styles.

Our mission is to create a non-judgmental space where people can explore issues around relationships, intimacy, power, passion, desire, sexuality, life transitions, and personal transformation. Our approach is non-pathological, transformative and diversity conscious.

Our Specialties

  • Sex, Intimacy and Desire
  • Communication in Relationships
  • Power Dynamics
  • Social Issues and their Impact
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Community Facilitation
  • Shame, Stigma and Marginalization
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Diversity: Inner and Outer
  • Transformation and Spirituality
  • Life Transitions
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Dreams and Fantasy exploration
  • Existential Issues

Sexuality & Intimacy

Discover ways to deepen and enrich your experiences around sex and intimacy by clicking on this video.

This video was initially created for one of our courses, and will give you a sense of our approach to working with sexuality and intimacy.