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We offer growth-oriented and transformative facilitation for individuals and couples in a sex-positive environment. Being sex-positive counselors to us means that our approach is non-pathological and that we are inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities, relationship constellations, sexual preferences and consensual sexual practices.

We are diversity conscious and welcome people from every racial or cultural, ethnic or tribal background, different levels of being able-bodied or disabled and from every religious background, including different spiritual beliefs and practices. While our therapy practice focuses on ages 20 and above, we are very conscious of the role that ageism place in our society.

It’s important to us to create an environment where people can feel safe and free to talk about topics that are often taboo or hard to talk about, such as death and sex and race and spirituality and all the dynamics and interplays and histories that surround those topics.

We welcome you to bring up any issues and dynamics you may experience around sexuality or intimacy – if that’s what’s up for you. The focus of our work is on personal, relational and spiritual growth and we see working with dynamics around sexuality and intimacy as a part of that holistic journey.

Common topics people bring are:

  • Relationship dynamics and communication
  • Recurring conflicts, sometimes involving sexuality
  • Challenges and dynamics in Polyamorous relationships
  • Exploring one’s personal path and purpose in life, personal and spiritual growth
  • Big life transitions, relationship transitions, transitions of relationship form or styles
  • Processing an important death, loss or separation
  • Traumatic events including historical and sexual trauma
  • Race dynamics in interpersonal and intimate relationships
  • Dynamics in Kinky-Vanilla partnerships or transitions
  • Desires for a deeper intimacy and authentic relating
  • Shifting ancestral patterns by working with ancestral legacies and unresolved stories
  • Dreamwork and exploring the Dreaming process in the background of body symptoms
  • Leadership Development
  • Working with sexual and relational dynamics as part of a bigger growth and spiritual journey

Being Sex Positive:

  • Safe Environment

Some people might want to engage in a sex-positive environment because, for various reasons, that feels like a safe environment. It doesn’t mean you have to talk about sex. But you can feel safe knowing that if topics related to sexuality or gender or polyamory or sex-work come up, you can talk about them without feeling judged or pathologized.

  • Focused on a systemic view rather than sexual problems

We value the many different ways and methods of working with sexuality and we believe different approaches can be useful at different times and for different people. Our personal approach is that we work with sexuality through the lens of the bigger context of all the different forces at play in sexuality as well as people’s uniquely personal and relational journeys.

We welcome the topic of sexuality as well as any other topic that is within our core focus areas.

What does it mean to be ‘Sex-Positive’ in Practice? 

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