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We offer transformative facilitation for individuals and couples seeking to deepen their connection with their unique path and purpose and expand their capacity for intimacy, dialogue, and transformation.

We are sex-positive: as facilitators trained in the methods of Process Oriented Psychology, our worldview is non-pathological and we are inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities, relationship constellations, sexual preferences and consensual sexual practices.

Our approach is to go beneath the surface and make the invisible visible, thereby expanding perspectives and possibilities. The focus of our work is on personal, relational and spiritual growth and we see working with dynamics around sexuality and intimacy as a part of that holistic journey.

We are diversity conscious and welcome people from every racial or cultural, ethnic or tribal background, different levels of being able-bodied or disabled and from every religious background, including different spiritual beliefs and practices.

It’s important to us to create an environment where people can feel safe and free to explore topics that are sometimes hard to talk about, such as death, disease, aging and loss, and sexuality, intimacy and conflict and race and ancestral trauma and spirituality, altered states and the quest for meaning and inner alignment. 

Common topics people bring are:

  • Relationship dynamics and communication
  • Recurring conflicts
  • Exploring one’s personal path and purpose in life, personal and spiritual growth
  • Creative projects and exploring one’s deeper soul journey as an artist
  • Big life transitions, relationship transitions, transitions of relationship form or styles
  • Processing an important death, loss or separation
  • Traumatic events including historical and sexual trauma
  • Race dynamics in interpersonal and intimate relationships
  • Dynamics around sexual desire and preferences
  • Desires for a deeper intimacy, fulfillment and authentic relating
  • Shifting ancestral patterns by working with ancestral legacies and unresolved stories
  • Dreams and inner states
  • Personal Development for leaders and coaches
  • Requests for supervision


What does it mean to be become a ‘vessel for the Great Spirit’ in the Creative Process? 

Click here to read the ‘Hollow Bone‘: an interview with Robert on his unique process of creating his works of art and the “vision of the Agate’s eyes”. 

What does it mean to live with ‘Death as our Ally’?

What does it mean to live and love with ‘Death as our Ally’? In this video, Niyati Evers speaks about what she learned from her ancestors about ‘Death as an Ally’ and its relevance for our challenges during a  pandemic.