About Alchemy of Eros

We are passionate about inspiring an erotic way of living that has Eros at its center.

alchemy of eros about usA Path of Heart

For us, Eros is more than sex. Eros is the spark of life. It’s a primordial, creative energy that inspires, uplifts, illuminates, moves, touches, connects, and transforms. Eros is about a path of heart: a way of being deeply and consciously intimate with the immediate, direct experience of being fully and passionately alive.

Eros is the muse that whispers in the ears of poets and writers. It’s the way your lover’s touch makes your skin tingle all over. It’s the ecstasy of getting lost in a dance to the point where you can no longer tell who is dancing who: where your body begins and the music ends.

Eros is nature’s way of flirting with us. Sunlight on autumn leaves, a bee crawling on a rose petal, the majestic presence of a snow-peaked mountain; the way all these scenes of beauty and mystery can fill us with awe and wonder.

All of this, and more, is Eros.

Living the Erotic Life

We believe that living the erotic life means integrating worlds that are often kept separate, such as the sacred and the profane, darkness and light. We believe these separations are artificial and culturally based, and often lead us to dividing our experiences into polar opposites of healthy versus sick, normal versus abnormal.

There is a deep and dynamic unity underlying all of our diverse experiences. In bringing together experiences that seem paradoxical or even contradictory, something new and exciting can emerge. Sex, death, intimacy, love, ecstasy; all of these worlds and experiences are interconnected.

Integrating these seemingly opposite worlds can lead to exciting and transformative new experiences.

Examples of Living the Erotic Life

Carl Jung quoteRemember that orgasms are often referred to as ‘le petit mort’: the little death. Think of the ways that not only in sex, but also in true intimacy, by exposing our real and authentic selves with another person, we often have to face little deaths, such as letting go of unrealistic dreams or expectations, or patterns that no longer serve us or the relationship.

Think of growing your self-awareness as a key to having great sex, and how paradoxically, we sometimes need to learn how to be more separate in order to connect more deeply.

Think of the possibility of conscious kink as a spiritual path, or exploring bondage as a way to experience freedom, or the ways that Tantric practices and BDSM can enrich each other.

Imagine the possibility of joining our wildness with our sensitivity, our power with our vulnerability; seeking guidance and wisdom for our daily lives, from our dreams or body symptoms or altered states, or resolving personal relationship conflicts by becoming more aware of diversity and social issues.

All of these are examples of the ways that bridging worlds can lead to discovering powerful pathways to personal and relationship transformation.

Please note that our credentials are Masters (Niyati) and MSW and Diplomate in Process Oriented Psychology (Robert) and that we are not licensed counselors and we do not diagnose and treat mental disorders. If you are in need of a licensed mental health professional, we’d be happy to refer you to a licensed counselor.