Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling alchemy of erosIn essence, individual therapy is about consciously relating to yourself as an intimate lover instead of an estranged spouse. Most of us have not been taught to ‘stand still’ and listen to what is going on with us: what we are feeling, thinking, longing for, fantasizing about, the moods we get into, the reactions we have to others, and so forth.

Our perspective on therapy is that it’s about increasing our awareness of who we are being and who we are becoming, allowing ourselves to be ‘dreamers’ and to listen to the wisdom of our night and daytime dreams, and becoming re-sensitized to our momentary experiences and signals. It all starts with taking our inner life seriously, and building a more intimate and fluid connection with ourselves.

It means exploring our experiences like we would with a new lover whose tastes, smells, movements, textures, sounds, mindsets, and beliefs we want to discover. It means relating to our life stories like we would listen to the story of someone we want to know, understand, and get close to.

In this way, you can start exploring the deeper meaning of your experiences and get in touch with an inner sense of direction, purpose, and authenticity, as well as discover ways to deepen and expand your relationship with yourself, with others, and with the world around you.

Our approach to individual therapy is based on the assumption that each person has a unique path or a particular style in life, and that as therapists, we facilitate the emergence of the creative solutions that are already present within you.

We offer live, in-person individual counseling sessions, as well as video conferencing sessions, to our clients.

What Individual Therapy Can Be About

    • Exploring new pathways in your life – finding ways to live your life with more ‘Eros,’ discovering your joy and passions and how to bring those areas more into your daily life

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  • Becoming more aware of your basic relationship patterns and how to use this awareness to deepen your connection with yourself and with others
  • Exploring areas of difficulty, such as (what often gets labelled as) sex addiction, having trouble finding a suitable partner(s) and relationship difficulties
  • Learning how to engage in constructive conflict and get in touch with your unique sources of power, and how to use your power for the benefit of all
  • Becoming aware of your childhood and personal history, and how this influences your life and your relationships
  • Working with creativity and art, body symptoms, and dreams to connect to new parts of yourself and to find new directions
  • Processing grief, trauma, and abuse, and the ways these situations are impacting you
  • Dealing with recurring moods, or feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Exploring areas of personal growth, development, and transformation
  • Exploring your relationship with spirituality, connecting to your inner wisdom and guidance, and what gives you purpose and meaning in life