Organizational Consulting and Facilitation

organizational counseling alchemy of erosIf there’s any area of life where most of us are in need of more Eros, it’s the workplace. So much of our time is taken up by our efforts and needs to make a living, and yet so many of us end up feeling drained, consumed, overwhelmed, or bored by the work we do. This is not only a loss for our own sense of fulfillment and happiness, but companies lose out, too.

Innovation and creativity thrive in environments that allow for a diversity of people, perspectives, and ways of expressing ourselves; places where we can bring our ideas and passions without the fear for repercussions or shaming; teams that are made up of people who know how to build honest and real relationships, resolve conflict, and build on each others’ ideas to create and innovate together; places of work where we can experience a sense of belonging, inspiration and aliveness.

Achieving goals and results, earning an income, fulfilling your ambitions, or having an increased sense of status by climbing the ladder — as much as all of these realms are valid and important — if that’s all there’s to it, then our work life can become boring, draining, and will start to feel meaningless.

What Bringing Eros Into Our Work Life Is About

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  • Creating places of work where we can both earn money and achieve goals, as well as discover and experience meaning, purpose, and passion
  • Developing a vision that is inspiring, compelling and authentic and translating this throughout the organization
  • Learning how to effectively deal with change and transition processes in a way that maximizes their potential and engages people throughout the organization
  • Maximizing leadership impact by growing self awareness around our impact and our unique and authentic leadership styles
  • Creating work environments and atmospheres that allow for diversity, beauty, creativity, and joy
  • Enabling strong and effective working relationships through dealing with interpersonal issues and stumbling blocks
  • Learning to use (potential) conflict areas to enhance creativity and innovation
  • Working with underlying team and power dynamics and diversity issues (around race, gender, sexual orientation, personality styles, etc.)
  • Building self awareness and team awareness around our impact, as well as exploring areas of new potential and growth