Our Approach: Alchemy of Eros

Alchemy was believed to be the process through which base metal is transformed into gold.

alchemy of eros our approachOur “Alchemy of Eros” approach is that any and all of our experiences, whether we’re talking about love, rage, jealousy, desire, shame, power, fear, lust or ecstasy — all of it, even our most difficult, marginalized and disturbing ones — can be part of our growth and transformation.

And this is possible when we approach and explore those experiences with Eros: an attitude of welcoming, curiosity and awareness.

There are hidden meanings and creative solutions contained within our conflicts, our difficulties, our repressed feelings and experiences. Those hidden meanings also exist within the problems and challenges that we face — personally, and in our relationships, as well.

Relationships tend to get stuck at some point, often times around sexual and intimacy issues. For example, one person may have more of a desire for sex or closeness than the other, or one person may be wanting kinkier sex or could be having a secret fetish, or experiencing sexual difficulties on a physical level.

The good news is: Exploring where and how we get stuck can lead to new life, both in terms of our relationships as well as in our personal growth.