Polyamory, Non-Monogamy & Monogamy

For people in non-traditional, non-mainstream forms of relating, it can be a challenge to find a therapist who is non-biased and open to explore alternative forms of relationships.

polyamory alchemy of erosWe are excited about the many different ways people express and explore their sexuality and ways of relating. We welcome people who are in monogamous relationships, as well as those who are in polyamorous or consensual non-monogamy relationships, or are exploring new and unique forms of relating.

Sex-Positive and Poly-Friendly Therapy

We do not prescribe fixed formulas or a one-size fits all approach for all relationships and in all situations. Our emphasis is on developing your awareness of the inherent wisdom in yourself and in your relationship(s), and how to process and work with your unique direction while integrating it into your everyday life.

A Poly-Friendly Therapist can Help you Explore:

  • Communication and negotiation skills for poly and non-monogamous relationships, for example, around common agreements, boundaries, needs and desires, limitations, etc.
  • Dealing with challenging moments in relationships such as when one partner identifies as poly and the other partner as monogamous
  • Growing the necessary awareness skills and practices needed for establishing ongoing consensuality
  • Dealing with jealousy and affairs
  • Conflict resolution, repairing and dealing with misunderstandings, blocks, and barriers
  • Dealing with bias, stereotypes, and sex-negative attitudes in the culture and/or personal upbringing, and how these attitudes impact our freedom in exploring new ways of relating
  • Fantasy and dream exploration
  • Becoming aware of and/or dealing with trauma, and past and current abuse situations
  • Dealing with diversity dynamics, for example, around age differences, health issues or cultural, racial, gender, or ethnic differences
  • Dealing with power dynamics in the relationship