Relationship Counseling

alchemy of eros relationship counselingRelationships can and do bring up our most vulnerable places, our moments of greatest ecstasy, our deepest yearnings, and our most fundamental wounds. They have the potential to be a place of exploration and a way to experience profound intimacy, feeling truly alive, whole, and becoming closer with life itself.

But relationships can also drive us mad, make us lose sleep, cause us pain and anxiety, or we can become bored with the routine of a relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship or a peer.

Relationship therapy isn’t only relevant or useful when you are on the verge of splitting up or if you are feeling stuck in your relationship. In fact, we recommend not waiting until you get to that point but instead to look at relationship therapy as a place where you and your partner(s) can explore ways to deepen and expand your relationship(s), as well as deal with potential areas of difficulty and conflict.

When relationships do get stuck, it is often times around sexual issues, for example, with one person having more desire for sex than the other, or one person wanting kinkier sex, or experiencing sexual difficulties on a physical level.

Often times, our experience around sex is a window into our relationship as a whole. Our sex life isn’t isolated from the rest of our relationship. The good news is that exploring where and how you get stuck can lead to discovering hidden meanings that can give you new directions, both in terms of your relationship as well as your personal growth.

Sex-Positive Therapy: We provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore issues around sexuality, desire, passion, ecstasy, power, intimacy, and communication.

We offer live, in-person individual counseling sessions, as well as video conferencing sessions.

What Relationship Therapy Can Be About

  • Deepening passion and intimacy
  • Discovering the deeper purpose or meaning of your relationship, both in what brought you together in the first place as well as the journey you are on right now
  • Finding ways to have a more fulfilling sex-life, which usually involves also looking at how you experience intimacy, how you interact and communicate with each other and what the typical patterns of relating are that you have developed with each other
  • Exploring hidden desires, dreams and fantasies – whether or not we choose to act on them, exploring the ‘other worlds’ we long for or fantasize about can be an incredibly rich source for deepening and expanding our relationship and sex life
  • Exploring relationship(s), sex and intimacy as pathways for personal and spiritual growth and development
  • Processing difficult moments and emotions such as jealousy, shame, guilt, criticisms, dealing with current or past affairs, falling in love with another person, or reactions we might have around (our partner) watching porn and so forth
  • Moments of transition, such as when you are considering changing the form of your relationship or you are exploring whether to stay together or split up or want to explore alternative lifestyles
  • Exploring areas where you get stuck, which often shows up in recurring moods, hopes, expectations and disappointments as well as conflicts that cycle and don’t resolve.
  • Dealing with power dynamics in sexuality, intimacy and relationships
  • Processing the impacts of the larger social context and your personal histories on your relationship and sex life. Often times this includes becoming more conscious around diversity and all the different dynamics this brings up