How to (not) Ruin your Sex Life – Creating an Erotic Container

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The Space Between Us

The quality of the space between us, will determine how free we feel to express our erotic fantasies and desires, our sexual needs and limitations, our wildness and our tenderness. Paradoxically, exploring how we’d ensure the demise of our sex life can lead to new levels of empowerment in creating a flourishing erotic space between us.

The Alchemy of Eros: Unfolding Chronic Pain into a Richer Sex Life

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Sex can be the playground where we experiment with less familiar parts and energies in a safe and consensually agreed upon way. Life is where we then get to express and integrate the parts of us we play with sexually. By aligning the two, sex and life can become an integrated dance, each infusing the other.

Deep Eros: A Process-Oriented Approach to Sex, Intimacy and Ecstasy in Relationships

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Transforming sexuality takes more than adding in more techniques. If you apply the new techniques with your old ways of relating, it will get stale and boring after a while. The great news is that by exploring both the places where you get a little stuck or bored as well as your dreams, fantasies and desires you can start generating whole new experiences of sexuality and intimacy.