How to (not) Ruin your Sex Life – Creating an Erotic Container

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The Space Between Us

The quality of the space between us, will determine how free we feel to express our erotic fantasies and desires, our sexual needs and limitations, our wildness and our tenderness. Paradoxically, exploring how we’d ensure the demise of our sex life can lead to new levels of empowerment in creating a flourishing erotic space between us.

How to (Re)Ignite Ecstasy

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Reigniting Ecstasy

Even while living in the midst of darkness, we must never forget to drink from the well of joy that lives within us. Living ecstatically is about creating experiences of rapture in our lives, where we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. It is from a place of being uplifted that we can help uplift the world around us.

An Erotic Journey into Intimacy, Pleasure and Transformation – October 2018

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Our sexuality has the potential to be a powerful force of transformation in our lives and our relationships. This (clothes on) workshop uses tools from Process Work and other approaches to explore ways of engaging with your sexuality that unlocks it’s magical and unique potential for you and your relationships.

Dealing with Changes in your Sex Life

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You cannot separate sexual growth from personal and relationship growth. By trying to keep our sexual space ‘hurt and risk free’ we actually create the potential for much bigger dangers over time. Keeping your sex life alive means looking at things that are risky to face AND having risky conversations.