An Erotic Journey into Intimacy, Pleasure and Transformation – October 2018

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Our sexuality has the potential to be a powerful force of transformation in our lives and our relationships. This (clothes on) workshop uses tools from Process Work and other approaches to explore ways of engaging with your sexuality that unlocks it’s magical and unique potential for you and your relationships.

Deep Eros: A Process-Oriented Approach to Sex, Intimacy and Ecstasy in Relationships

Niyati Evers and Robert KingEros, Relationships and SexualityLeave a Comment

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Transforming sexuality takes more than adding in more techniques. If you apply the new techniques with your old ways of relating, it will get stale and boring after a while. The great news is that by exploring both the places where you get a little stuck or bored as well as your dreams, fantasies and desires you can start generating whole new experiences of sexuality and intimacy.