Our Values

LGBTQIA alchemy of erosSex Positive Approach: We provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore issues around sexuality, desire, passion, ecstasy, power, intimacy and communication in individuals, relationships and communities

Kink and Vanilla Friendly: We are excited about the many different ways people express and explore their sexuality, and ways of relating. We welcome the entire spectrum of sexual expression: vanilla, as well as kink, fetishes, and BDSM.

Open to all Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities: We welcome people from the LGBTQI community, as well as heterosexual people or those who identify as gender fluid, a-sexual, or those who don’t want to be boxed into any identity!

Welcoming of Traditional as Well as Alternative Relationship Styles: We welcome people who are in monogamous relationships, as well as those who are in polyamorous or non-monogamy relationships, or are exploring new forms of relating.

Embracing Diversity: We welcome people from all races, cultures, tribes, ethnicities, class, sexual orientations, religions, spiritual beliefs and practices, physical abilities, and personal backgrounds. We are aware that there are many different ways of seeing, knowing, and experiencing life, whether it’s through thoughts and insights, body sensations, images, feelings and intuitions or different states of consciousness. We believe all of these are important and meaningful.

What Makes Us Unique?

We Are Non-Pathological: We view all experiences as potentially useful and meaningful when explored and unfolded with awareness. We do not have a preconceived program or agenda about the ‘right’ or ‘normal’ way to be or relate.

Joseph Campbell QuoteWe believe there is wisdom and power in the unique path of each person and relationship. We see our role as therapists to facilitate people’s awareness and connection to this innate wisdom and power, and to follow its unfolding nature.

Focused on Transformation: We believe life becomes much more interesting, energizing, and fulfilling when we allow ourselves to explore all of who we are. Our approach therefore is to serve the wholeness of any person or relationship by going more deeply into issues and dynamics, rather than looking for quick fixes or immediate behavioral solutions.

Our experience is that by going beneath the surface, we can uncover the hidden meaning and purpose of our experiences, which leads to more sustainable solutions in the long run.

Diversity Conscious: We are aware that relationships are part of a bigger social and world context, and that this wider context has a major impact on our relationship life.

Our experiences around race, gender and ethnicity; our personal history and past traumas; the ways we’ve had to deal with homophobia or other forms of bias and discrimination; the class we grew up in and the messages and attitudes we inherited because of our specific background; differences in age or in physical ability; experiences we’ve had around mental health and extreme states of consciousness; the different ways in which we have felt marginalized in our lives; all of these influence our relationships and sex life.

We provide a non-judgmental and inclusive space to explore these dynamics and their impact, both on a personal level, as well as in our relationships with others and with the world.

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