19 – 21 October 2018
with Robert King, MSW, and
Niyati Evers, MAPW

Our experience of our sexuality is shaped by how we engage with it. The more we are able to make meaningful connections with ourselves and our partner(s), the more our sexuality can go from something we do to an erotic journey we are on.

Our sexuality has the potential to be a powerful force of transformation in our lives and our relationships. It invites us to look at our sexuality as a mirror for how we initiate, discover and ask for what we want, our relationship with our desires and fantasies, our ability to receive as well as set boundaries and our potential for intimacy, love, pleasure and fun.

Creating a rich and meaningful sex life involves personal and relational growth. All of our experiences, the ecstatic ones as well as the difficult ones, are potential portals of transformation. Embarking on the journey of sexuality means learning how to be curious about all of our sexual experiences, desires and fantasies as well as the places where we get stuck. When we feel bored, blame, criticise, make our arousal dependent on our partner(s), lose ourselves, become rigid, demanding or deflated, it is an invitation to deepen our experience of sexuality and intimacy, unravel our patterns and unfold our erotic life force.

There’s a deeper intelligence at play in our sexuality that propels us to discover and embody all of who we are. Sex and relationships can be a playground where we experiment, discover, express and relate from the many different and seemingly opposite parts of ourselves. It is an opportunity to get to know the unique and ever-changing language of our bodies, explore new ways of relating, discover and experiment with lesser known or forbidden parts, experience deep places of intimacy and connection and even journey into altered and mystical states of being.

This (clothes on) workshop uses Process Work tools and concepts as well as approaches from sex therapy, bodywork, relationship work, shamanic practices, alchemy and spiritual traditions to explore ways of engaging with your sexuality that unlocks it’s magical and unique potential for you and your relationships.


  • Embarking on the Erotic Journey: discovering the deeper intelligence at play in your sexual experiences
  • Expanding your Self-Awareness: getting to know and connecting with your unique erotic nature
  • Relating to your Sexuality as an Alchemical Process: enriching your sexual experiences by transforming sexual disturbers & barriers
  • Expanding your Sexual Repertoire: exploring & Integrating the essence of sexual fantasies and desires
  • Enhancing your potential for Intimacy and Fulfilment
  • Developing communication skills and meta-skills for sexual conversations
  • Igniting your Passion & Excitement: playing with erotic roles and polarities
  • Growing your Potential for Intimacy: transforming unhelpful power dynamics and relational patterns in the realm of sexuality
  • Evolving your Sexual Relationship(s): sex and intimacy as pathways to personal, relational and spiritual growth
  • Growing your Sexual Empowerment: expanding your ability to deepen and enrich your experiences of sexuality and intimacy


This workshop is relevant for anyone interested in deepening and enriching their personal relationships and sexuality. Whether you are single or in a relationship, identify as LGBTQ or as heterosexual, kinky, asexual or vanilla, polyamorous or monogamous, all are welcome.

You can attend the seminar as a couple, a single person, or as one of the partners in a relationship. You can attend as a professional working with relationship dynamics or as someone interested in learning more about relationship work in general.

Please note that the focus of this seminar is on personal growth and skills development.

It is not a replacement for individual or relationship therapy.


Process Work Institute, 2049 NW Hoyt Street, Portland OR


Friday 19 October 6-8pm, Saturday & Sunday, October 20 & 21, 10am-5pm


Call the Process Work Institute on 503 223 8188 or register online by going to:


Registration and payment before 28 September 2018: $300
Registration and payment after 28 September 2018: $330
Some work/study scholarships available. Contact the Process Work Institute for more info.





Robert was part of a teaching team that set up a Process Work training program in Ireland and has taught Process Work seminars in many different countries, including the U.K., Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Robert trained extensively in a variety of methods, including couples and family therapy, Bioenergetics and Gestalt Therapy. He studied Reichian Work and Jungian Analysis and has taught Advanced Gestalt Therapy, Family Therapy and Counselling Techniques at Antioch University in Seattle. He is passionate about developing his visual artwork while integrating spiritual and shamanic traditions with his interest in alternative relationship styles and sexual practices.


Niyati was a faculty member of the South African College for Applied Psychology where she taught Process Work skills and ran diversity seminars for students working with marginalized groups. Niyati now lives in Portland and has an international therapy practice. Together with her husband, Robert King, she facilitates relationship seminars and works with couples in the realms of communication, sexuality and intimacy. She is currently working on a book about her experiences of growing up in Amsterdam as part of the “second generation” and living in post-Apartheid South Africa.


The underlying Process Work philosophy is that there is an inherent meaning in experiences that trouble or disturb us. In that context, all experiences are seen as potentially useful: There is intelligence and creativity embedded in our problems, symptoms and conflicts. In Process Work we emphasise becoming aware of this inherent intelligence or wisdom and accessing it to give us a choice about how, and if, we want to utilize it.

We are always in an emerging process. This is true for us as individuals and for our relationships. Relationships have, a ‘mind of their own’, meaning that there is an innate direction in the relationship: a guiding force in the background that propels the relationship to expand and develop according to its own unique and intrinsic path.

Exploring this guiding force of the relationship can help with difficult areas such as conflicts that recycle; depressed or hopeless moods and issues relating to our personal history. Connecting with that guiding force can lead to a sense of purpose, aliveness and deeper engagement in the relationship as well as to life itself.



Individual or relationship sessions is a great way to go if you wish to continue developing yourself in the realm of relationships, personal growth, communication, intimacy, and sex. Robert and Niyati offer private sessions for individuals and couples using Process Work as our main methodology. For people outside the Portland area and internationally, we offer sessions via online video conferencing.


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