Finding Meaning & Purpose

big life transition counselingMost of us are familiar with the term “mid-life crisis.” We’d like to give a new name to this period of transition in our lives: the Calling of Eros.

Connecting to your Calling

The “Calling of Eros” happens when we start to feel a longing for a life that connects us: to our deepest selves; to our passions; to a deeper sense of fulfilment in the work we do; to a deeper sense of closeness, intimacy, and excitement in our relationships.

A calling is bigger than just an answer to the question, “What work should I be doing in the world?” It’s about connecting to ‘what calls you’ on every level of your being, and in every dimension of your life: your work, your relationships, your way of being with yourself and in the world.

This calling often happens when we go through some kind of big life transition. Transitions have huge potential in terms of growth and expansion; they can provide openings into new worlds of creativity and fulfilment; bring us in touch with new, forgotten or unlived parts of ourselves; and expand our ways of being and relating to others.

At the same time, going through a big life transition can be like walking through a minefield. This is because all transitions involve the loss of something that is known, familiar, or comfortable, just as you are being asked to face the emergence of something new and still unknown.

Getting in touch with the energy, power, and vitality of what is trying to emerge in our lives can significantly ease the pain, discomfort, and fears of leaving a known world behind.

Common Issues When Going Through a Big Life Transition

Alan Watts Quote on Change

  • Connecting to your personal passions, purpose and calling
  • Exploring dreams, desires and fantasies
  • Re-igniting Eros: discovering what truly moves you and brings you alive
  • Exploring existential issues around legacy, inspiration, fulfillment and meaning
  • Coping with and processing personal losses and grief
  • Exploring new pathways and directions in your (work) life
  • Creating a new life after you’ve moved home or country
  • Working with obstacles, fears and barriers
  • Deepening your personal connections and relationships
  • Exploring transitions in relationships, for example deciding whether to stay together or split up
  • Moving into a different stage of your relationship
  • Exploring issues around Coming Out