An Erotic Journey into Intimacy, Pleasure and Transformation – October 2018

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Red rose on thigh

Our sexuality has the potential to be a powerful force of transformation in our lives and our relationships. This (clothes on) workshop uses tools from Process Work and other approaches to explore ways of engaging with your sexuality that unlocks it’s magical and unique potential for you and your relationships.

Creating a Rich and Meaningful Love and Sex Life

Niyati Evers and Robert KingRelationships and SexualityLeave a Comment

River with many colors

We don’t have to fall in love with a new person over and over again to experience that sense of expansion and adventure we may feel when we get to know a new person and explore a new body for the first time.

It is possible to have meaningful relationships, to engage deeply and to commit to another person(s) over a longer period of time while simultaneously experiencing excitement, adventure, renewed intimacy and even ecstasy.

Learn more about how to find meaning and excitement in relationships.