Reviving Erotic Role-Play: What To Do If Acting out Fantasies Once Was Exciting But Now Feels Boring?

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masked lovers

How can you revive the excitement you once experienced when you first started role-playing and acting out fantasies?

At first, role play can help us tap into new, unknown or more forbidden parts of ourselves and our partner(s). It has the potential to spice up our sex life and open up new erotic possibilities as well as new ways of relating, touching, and experiencing intimacy.

But as with anything else, if we do it over and over again,can get boring and stale. In this video we talk about ways to bring novelty and ongoing excitement into erotic role-play by deepening our relationship with the role and our partner/s.

Watch the video here.


Attribution: By Frank Kovalchek from Anchorage, Alaska, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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